A young graduate is fighting for her life. Do you know anyone who can help?

21-year-old British backpacker Lucy Anne Hill is in a critical condition after she was hit by a car while riding a motorcycle in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She was just one week into her overseas trip.

She was rushed to hospital after the incident for treatment to a blood clot on her brain, where she is now fighting for her life.

To make matters worse, her blood type is extremely rare, with less than one per cent of the Thai population sharing it. Even in the UK, her blood type is one of the rarest among donors.

As a result, her friends are pleading for anyone travelling to the country who can help save her life to come forward.

Her friend Lauren Hall issued a call for help on Facebook for anyone with type A negative blood travelling to Chiang Mai to either contact her, or go straight to Maharaja Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital and say it is to be donated to Lucy Anne Hill at Rajavej Hospital.

She also emphasised that this nothing more than a tragic accident, rather than reckless behaviour on her friend’s part.

“Yesterday my friend and I were out for the day when Lucy suffered a (sic) an accident being hit by a car whilst on a moped.

“My friend wore a helmet and did nothing wrong.”

As of Monday evening, Lauren’s post has been shared almost 90,000 times, with several people already volunteering to help.

Lucy’s friends have also set up a crowdfunding page to help raise money to pay for her treatment. They’ve so far raised nearly $4000.


[Souce:- news.com.au]

By Adam