UAE may take time to deport IM financier, Pakistan using diplomatic channels to stall process

ndia’s efforts to get Abdul Wahid Siddibapa, the alleged financer of Indian Mujahideen terrorist group, deported from the United Arab Emirates have come to a nought, with the West Asian country making it clear that Wahid will be sent to India only after the lengthy process of extradition is complete. Wahid, who was caught in the UAE last year on ... Read More »

US Federal Reserve rate hike wrong move for emerging economies

An expected first interest rate rate in almost a decade by the Federal Reserve on Wednesday could squeeze emerging economies’ room for manoeuvre as they try to stave off recession, analysts warn. The rise would mark “the end of a very big illusion,” says Christine Rifflart, economist with French think tank OFCE. Emerging economies have done well out of the ... Read More »