World Hypertension Day 2017: Lifestyle Management of Hypertension

Image result for World Hypertension Day 2017: Lifestyle Management of HypertensionNew Delhi [India], May 17 : High blood pressure (BP) or hypertension is a silent killer and often the symptoms go unnoticed during the early phase.

Dr. Vinay Bhardwaj, Head of Quantitative Health at Grow Fit suggests it is extremely necessary for everybody to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to combat hypertension and related ailments.

While there is no real cure for hypertension, it can be managed and kept in check with certain positive lifestyle changes and healthy habits.

High BP can prove to be very dangerous due to the fact that it can lead to further health complications like strokes, cardiovascular ailments, heart failure, and kidney disease.

A blood pressure level above 140/90 for a person under 60 and above 150/90 for a person above 60 is referred to as hypertension and requires immediate medical intervention and care.

One must find out the root cause for hypertension and nip it in the bud rather than just treating the BP levels. Often, fluctuating BP levels do more damage than a high BP level and should also be constantly monitored and kept in check.

The main aim of an effective hypertension management programme must be to control and manage the pressure levels effectively and ensure that this doesn’t affect other organs like the kidneys, heart, and brain.

Making changes to your lifestyle and adopting healthy habits coupled with the prescribed medications can help you in managing hypertension effectively and with ease.

Lifestyle modifications to manage hypertension:

Everyone suffering from fluctuating BP or hypertension must be educated on the need to follow a healthy lifestyle. You can make the following changes to your lifestyle to manage your blood pressure levels effectively.

•Healthy diet: Eating a healthy diet comprising all nutrients can enable you to manage your BP levels effectively. Eating more fruits and vegetables and less of dairy products and fried foods is the best approach. One can follow the DASH diet regime for good results. Indulge in mindful eating and consume smaller portions to ensure better digestion and assimilation.

•Avoid salty food: Salty and high-cholesterol food can result in fluctuating BP levels. Keeping a check on the salt in your diet can help you manage your BP levels effectively.

•Avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine: Too much of these can dehydrate your body, increase BP levels, and cause severe ailments pertaining to the heart.

•Rigorous aerobic activity: A minimum of 30 minutes of vigorous exercise coupled with yoga and breathing exercise can help you in managing your anxiety disorders, heart health, and BP levels effectively.

•Managing your weight: For those who are obese or slightly on the overweight side, cutting down on calories should be the first course of action towards a better lifestyle. Maintaining a normal weight not only reduces the risk of high BP but also minimizes stress on the heart.

•Regular BP monitoring: Monitor your BP regularly for fluctuations and abnormal rise.

•Get good rest: To maintain a normal BP level, you must ensure that you get adequate amount of sleep every day. Also, get any sleep-related disorders checked and treated. Inadequate sleep can lead to anxiety issues and elevated stress levels thereby increasing your BP.

•Managing stress: Stress is the root cause for many health disorders. Too much stress can increase the risk of hypertension and cardiac arrest.

While there are many medications available to manage your BP levels, it is not wise to be completely dependent only on them. Making small lifestyle alterations and adopting healthy habits can ensure a healthy body and increase your lifespan.