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Did Jeff Bezos Just Hint at Amazon’s Plans for an Alexa-Based Home Robot?

HIGHLIGHTS Was his post a teaser for his company’s next device? Bloomberg in April reported on plans to release a mobile Echo robot Or maybe Bezos’s kids were just messing around Did Jeff Bezos’s kids really use blue painters’ tape to attach an Amazon Echo speaker to a robot vacuum cleaner? Or was his Instagram post on Monday just a teaser for his company’s next device? ... Read More »

Why did Sports Illustrated erase Colin Kaepernick?

Earlier this week, Sports Illustrated used Twitter to publicize its newest magazine cover. Against the American flag, a bricolage of professional athletes, coaches and owners lock arms around the tidy and seemingly uncontroversial phrase “A NATION DIVIDED, SPORTS UNITED.” It was a clear response to Trump’s stinging attack on the NFL. The digitally altered image creates a patchwork of athletes including LeBron ... Read More »

What did India watch on Youtube in 2016?

YouTube on Wednesday released the top 10 trending videos, music videos and bollywood trailers of the year 2016. While Rajnikanth-starrer “Kabali” bacame the top trending movie trailer, comedian Kapil Sharma’s show featuring actor Salman Khan was the top trending video of the year, YouTube said in a blog post. A video showing the “embedded GPS chip” in the new Rs ... Read More »