Review: New Apple MacBook Pro adds Force Touch and more speed

FORCEFULLY poking a new computer seems wrong. It’s what Apple implores you to do with the trackpad of its new MacBook Pro, however, as it has added Force Touch to its most powerful portable computer. The new feature is a hand-me-down from the super slender MacBook and it’s just as useful on its bigger brother. FORCE PHONES: Apple’s newest technology ... Read More »

Gmail now offers a function to ‘unsend’ emails

I really shouldn’t have sent that email. In hindsight it’s not that funny. GOOGLE has unveiled a new function that will come as welcome news to those who are prone to feeling remorse after sending certain emails. Gmail has announced it has added an “Undo Send” function as a formal setting to the web-based version of the service. “Undo Send ... Read More »

What Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks of the Steve Jobs trailer

IT WOULD be a strange feeling watching a Hollywood actor playing you in a film, just ask Steve Wozniak. The co-founder of Apple saw himself portrayed by Seth Rogen when the trailer for the highly-anticipated biopic, Steve Jobs, was released on Wednesday. The clip shows Wozniak confronting Jobs about taking sole credit for a number of their joint creations. After ... Read More »

Microsoft Windows 10 boss defends automatic software updates, wants XP users to upgrade computers

Open Windows … Microsoft Windows boss Terry Myerson says forcing every Windows 10 user to update software automatically will create a safer system. MICROSOFT’S Windows boss has defended the company’s decision to forcibly install all software updates in Windows 10, saying users cannot “take the roof but not the sides of the house” and expect it to be secure. But ... Read More »

Is the Windows 10 phone and PC combination better than a Mac and iPhone?

EVER since Apple released its iPhone, the iPad and innovated in the computing world with the MacBook Air, it has completely dominated homes everywhere. But with Windows 10, Microsoft is hoping you will jump back to team Microsoft. So, wanting to see if Microsoft finally has a worthy contender again, I ditched my iPhone, iPad and MacBook for a week ... Read More »

Microsoft is allowing itself to detect pirated games on your Windows 10 PC

DESPITE being generally well-received, Windows 10 has been confronted with some bitter criticism concerning a series of alleged privacy obstructions. The latest of these stems from Microsoft’s End User License Agreement, or EULA, with WinBeta reporting that Microsoft has reserved the right to check your system for “playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorised hardware peripheral devices.” For an operating system ... Read More »

Microsoft just released an emergency fix for a critical bug — here’s how to get it right away

FOR some people, it doesn’t get any more annoying than Windows Update, which always seems to begin downloading huge files that slow down your computer every time you need to do something important. On the flip side of the coin, however, the Windows Update mechanism often updates your machine with critical security fixes that are needed in order to ensure ... Read More »

Intel has highlighted a trend that signals the advent of laptops that behave increasingly like smartphones

THIS week Intel has highlighted a trend that signals the advent of laptops that behave increasingly like smartphones. At its annual Intel Developer Forum the chip giant discussed a technology that may signal more futuristic laptop designs like the impossibly-thin 12-inch MacBook and HP’s cutting-edge EliteBook Folio 1020. The key to these innovative laptops is that inside they are less ... Read More »

Dating site Plenty of Fish puts users’ at risk of malware infection

Plenty of Fish has been attacked by hackers, although it wont be as damaging to reputations as the Ashley Madison hack. CYBER criminals just can’t leave dating sites alone, with news emerging of hackers attacking online matchmaking service Plenty of Fish. An ad run on the website last week may have muddied the waters of the dating pool by dropping ... Read More »

The dark web is stronger than ever showing Ross Ulbricht’s prison sentence did nothing to deter crime

Sentencing Ross Ulbricht to life with no parole did little to deter cyber crooks. “THEY need to understand, without equivocation, that there will be severe consequences.” This was the message from Judge Katherine Forrest when she sentenced the mastermind behind Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, to life in prison without the possibility of parole. It was hoped the harsh sentence handed ... Read More »