What it feels like to use modern technology after spending 25 years behind bars

Michael still inside prison in 2011. WHAT is the first thing you do when you walk free from prison after 25 years? Google your name on an iPhone. This had been all Michael Santos had dreamt of after being sentenced to prison in 1987 for large scale cocaine distribution. When Santos began his prison sentence, technology was still a luxury ... Read More »

Microsoft Office 2016 deals with Clutter and tells you stuff

Microsoft Office 2016 screenshots REMEMBER that annoying paperclip cartoon that used to hassle you every time you opened Word? “It looks like you’re writing a letter, would you like the letter template?” it would ask, before you swiftly looked for the ‘X’ to shut it down. Well, the Microsoft Office of 2016 is so far from the program of that ... Read More »

Microsoft has opened the doors to its Sydney flagship store, here is what’s inside

FOLLOWING the successful launch of its New York flagship store on Fifth Avenue, Microsoft has turned its attention to the Australian market. Located in a two storey, 6000 sq ft space in the centre of Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall is Microsoft’s second ever flagship store, which opens its doors to the public from midday (AEDT) today. In an attempt to ... Read More »

Microsoft finds its Australian voice, but virtual assistant Cortana may not always understand you

Microsoft’s inspiration … Halo game character Cortana provided the inspiration for Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, now available for Australians in Windows 10 MICROSOFT’S app engineering director wants Australians to “speak naturally” to their PCs, though admits the computers may not understand what they’re saying as often as one in five times. After five months on the market, Microsoft has launched ... Read More »

Why is Australia still not voting electronically on election day yet?

WE ARE the pioneers of the secret ballot electoral system, but when it comes to electronic voting, Australia has long been behind the pack. Kazakhstan, India, Brazil and Estonia are among the countries who long ago swapped pencil-and-paper ballots for e-voting at polling stations or over the internet. Meanwhile, in Australia, most of us continue to bemoan the chore of ... Read More »

China blamed for ‘massive’ cyber attack on Bureau of Meteorology supercomputer

Major breach … the Bureau of Meteorology’s supercomputer has been attacked. THE Bureau of Meteorology has had its sensitive systems compromised by a major cyber attack being blamed on China. The ABC reports the breach is “massive”, with the bureau owning one of the country’s largest supercomputers. Its systems have a link to the Department of Defence at Russell Offices ... Read More »

World War III will be cyber war that IS could win, John McAfee says

PUT away the tanks and bombs — World War III will be fought online and Islamic State is better prepared for the cyber war than any Western military superpower. That’s the warning to the US military from a prominent online security identity. John McAfee says the West is living in “a doomsday machine of our own design”, and it’s only ... Read More »

Employees can be sacked for social media use, even outside of work

AFTER a long day at work keeping face and kissing butt, it can be a relief to get home, turn off the proverbial filter and relax. But in the age of social media, public and private time is blurred. A questionable tweet, post or comment while sitting on your couch at night can cost your job – whether it is ... Read More »

Just Cause 3 is full of explosions and fun, although it’s pretty similar to its predecessor

IF there was some sort of serious award for Most Explosions In A Computer Game, the judging panel could save themselves a lot of time by giving it to Just Cause 3 and then patting themselves on the back for a job well done. The plot behind Just Cause 3 is that you play Rico Rodriguez, an operative of a ... Read More »

2015 has been the most lucrative year to date for professional video gaming

THEY might not be athletes in the traditional sense, but that doesn’t mean professional video gaming isn’t big business. The world’s best video gamers battling for millions of dollars in prizes in packed out arenas might sound like a joke, but it’s a very real competition known as eSports. This year alone, the sport has managed to reach new heights, ... Read More »